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Kodak Values

At Kodak, we conduct ourselves according to six corporate values. These values define who we are, and how we act toward each other, our customers, our shareholders, and all of our publics. It is important that everyone understand our values so we can work together as one worldwide company as we navigate today's increasingly tough, competitive marketplace.

Respect for the Dignity of the Individual

tWe cannot operate effectively unless each of us is able to treat everyone else with appropriate respect. This essential value is at the heart of our culture and will help us focus on many important issues like diversity of our workforce.


In today's increasingly complex business and social world, integrity and honesty must be the hallmarks of any organization or person striving to consistently achieve and maintain the respect of our publics.


We must be able to work in an environment in which we trust each other. We must depend upon and trust our colleagues to do their assigned tasks without the need to check and recheck their work. Likewise, each of us must handle our responsibilities so that our colleagues can trust we are doing our part.


Each of us must earn credibility with others inside and outside the company. Certainly, the company as a whole must strive for the highest credibility with all its external publics. We must commit to do what we say we will do, and no later than we commit to do it.

Continuous Improvement and Personal Renewal

Results do count, and continuous improvement toward world-class levels is essential to achieve credibility with our publics. We must each continually improve ourselves and renew our skill sets. Training and education must be accepted as a common responsibility between us as employees and the company as a whole.

Recognition and Celebration

We will search out and welcome opportunities to openly celebrate the achievements of others and congratulate individuals, teams, employees, suppliers and customers for delivering results that contribute to Kodak success. Recognition and celebration will be an integral part of our everyday work activity.