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Firmware / Software Updates

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DCS Pro SLR Firmware 5.4.1 02/05
DCS Photo Desk 4.3 12/04
DCS Camera Manager 4.2 09/04
DCS File Format Module 4.2 09/04
ERI File Format Module 2.0 06/05

May 31, 2005
KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/n and SLR/c Digital Cameras

Kodak has discontinued production of the KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/n and DCS Pro SLR/c Digital Camera models. Camera sales will continue until current stocks are exhausted.

Kodak continues to expand its range of other digital cameras, as well as supply high-performance CMOS and CCD sensors to the professional imaging industry and LEAF Camera Backs for specialized high-end image capture applications.

Kodak will continue to supply service support and honor warranties for the DCS Pro SLR Digital Cameras until December 31, 2008.

For information on the range of KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Cameras, visit www.kodak.com/go/easyshare.

For information on the range of LEAF Systems Digital Camera Backs, visit graphics.kodak.com

For other manufacturers of professional SLR and medium-format cameras as well as camera backs using Kodak's high-performance image sensors, visit: