The World's Finest Grain Color Negative Film!

  • Ultra-vivid color
  • Exceptional sharpness
  • Extraordinary enlargement capability

Featuring ISO 100 speed, high saturation and ultra-vivid color, EKTAR 100 offers the finest, smoothest grain of any color negative film available today.

Ideal for scanning, and offers extraordinary enlargement capability from a 35mm negative. A perfect choice for commercial photographers and advanced amateurs.

Recommended applications:
  • nature
  • travel
  • outdoor photography
  • fashion
  • product photography

The response to the introduction of EKTAR 100 has been amazing; since its introduction in September 2008, the EKTAR 100 family of films has won numerous industry awards, including the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) award (2009), Professional Photographers’ Hot One Award (2009, 2010) and American Photo Editor's Choice Award (2009).

Technology Benefit
Incorporates Entertainment Imaging's KODAK VISION Film technology

Micro-Structure Optimized T-GRAIN® Emulsions

Kodak's Proprietary Advanced Development Accelerators
World's finest-grain color negative film

Ideal for scanning

Extraordinary enlargement capability from a 35mm negative
Optimized Emulsion Spectral Sensitivity and Image Modifier Chemistry Ultra-vivid color
Kodak's Advanced Cubic Emulsions

Kodak's Proprietary DIR Couplers
Optimized sharpness

Distinct edges, fine detail
Unified Emulsion Technology Printing compatible with other KODAK Films