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Manufacturing and Logistics

Kodak Limited operates three manufacturing facilities across the UK in addition to its logistics control centre.

Safety at work is paramount at all Kodak locations and those in the UK enjoy a world-class reputation, earning Sector Awards, Gold Medals and Gold Awards from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) over a number of consecutive years.

In 2001, Kodak won the Queens Award for Sustainability, the first large Manufacturing Company to do so. The Company supports the principles of Sustainable Development aligned to its Health Safety and Environmental Strategy.

Environmental awareness is at the forefront of operations at Kodak plants. Indeed, all those in the UK have achieved the sought-after ISO 14001 environmental standard.

All site management systems are ISO 9001/2000 accredited. Kodak Manufacturing is also a registered Investor in People.

Aerial view of the Harrow factoryHARROW
The largest and oldest site, at Harrow in northwest London, manufactures Ektacolor photographic paper and a wide range of Graphics film materials for the printing and publishing industry. The plant, opened in 1896, is today among the Company’s most modern and most productive.

It is the world’s biggest single facility for the manufacture of photographic paper and the Ektacolor consumer and professional products coated and finished here are supplied to customers in Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, the Middle East as well as the United States.

Harrow is also the major site within Kodak to manufacture graphics film products, of which there is a wide range of differing products to offer the commercial market. Graphics research and development is also undertaken at the Harrow site and Manufacturing is involved in much commercialisation activity. The graphic film products made here are supplied around the world.

Annesley film finishing plantANNESLEY
The Annesley factory lies in the heart of the East Midlands, just north of Nottingham. Here Kodak is involved in precision component manufacture and assembly, for the spooling and packaging of 35mm, APS and Roll Film products for the photographic industry in the UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia.

This facility is the second largest Kodak film finishing factory in the world, and in 2004 will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Kirkby chemical manufacturing plantKIRKBY
Kodak Limited has had a manufacturing operation at the Kirkby site on Merseyside since 1949. The plant occupies a 37-acre site and manufactures a wide range of complex chemicals used in the manufacture of photographic film and paper and is also involved in the recovery of silver from used photochemicals. Many of the chemicals are used at the Harrow plant and also exported to other Kodak sites in Europe and other countries.

The site processes, which are complex are operated by skilled process operators using sophisticated computer controls. This ensures high quality products are consistently produced under very high levels of health, safety and environmental standards.

Kodak Limited partners with a number of warehouse and transportion providers to ensure that the we meet Kodak's business model needs at the best total delivered cost. Service levels are defined in terms of world class logistics benchmarks (on time, no errors,) and there are targets to ensure that these levels improve year on year. Logistics use the Kodak Operating System philosophy to drive lower cycle times and less waste.

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