“I found the versatility of the new Portra 160 film simply astounding. So many elements of it make my job easier. The latitude has freed me up to approach each shoot uniquely. The new Portra 160 is also a dream to scan.  Everything I love about photography takes place behind a camera; Everything I hate about photography takes place behind a computer. With this new film, using the proper exposure, I often find myself cutting Photoshop out of my workflow. As a result, I spend more time shooting and less time editing - priceless.” — Ryan Muirhead
“PORTRA 160 is amazing... one of my very favorite KODAK films. The natural color and skin tones of this film are absolutely superb. It's available in 220, and for wedding photographers like me, that's a really huge bonus!” — Tanja Lippert

The new PORTRA 160 features a significantly finer grain structure for improved scanning and enlargement capability in today’s workflow. Choose PORTRA 160 to deliver exceptionally smooth and natural skin tone reproduction, the hallmark of the KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA Film Family. It's the ideal choice for portrait, fashion and commercial photography — whether in the studio or on location.

PORTRA 160: Featuring finer grain and exceptional skin tones