KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Media is our award-winning range of silver-halide (AgX) color negative papers and display materials.
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Features found in KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Media for traditional prints are now available in ENDURA EP, a premium double-sided, photo-quality digital press paper.
Expanded color gamut with excellent flesh-tone reproduction designed for color-managed digital workflows
Unique metallic gloss appearance with stunning visual impact and depth
High contrast, intense blacks and bold colors for broad range of commercial printing applications
High gloss with iridescent sheen for high impact commercial printing applications
ENDURA Transparency Display Material
Translucent base film for backlit display on illuminators without diffusers
ENDURA Clear Display Material
Clear base film for backlit display on illuminators with built-in diffusers

(Updated: April, 2010)
Includes features, benefits, technology, performance, applications and more.
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It is now even easier than before to find a PREMIUM Pro Lab that can cater to your individual needs and provide you with the quality you have come to expect from KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Media.